Arcadius through the eyes of a… client

Why Arcadius?

In a small team, the office manager is often the pivot of the company. So things must be immediately right with such a crucial recruitment. Because finding the right profile in the current market proved to be more challenging than expected, Stany Vaes, General Manager of Denuo, came knocking at Arcadius’ door. As a Belgian federation of the waste and recycling sector, Denuo represents more than 250 members who are the essential link between used materials and reuse, recycling and final processing. We are happy to let Stany tell us about the rather special turn of the recruitment process.

A challenging search in a difficult job market

Usually, we try to do every recruitment ourselves. As an organisation, we consciously spend a lot of time and energy on our recruitment. We are looking for people who fully endorse our values and mission and with whom we have a good human connection. At first, we launched the Office Manager vacancy ourselves. Very quickly, I realised that we would have to call on a recruiter to find the right match. On the one hand, the current job market has really become a candidate market in which applicants can decide to stay very close to their expectations. They also know very well what they want and don’t want. On the other hand, the office manager at Denuo really has a crucial role as the linchpin of the organisation. Since this was not an everyday recruitment for an apparently very sought-after profile, I looked for a recruiter who really had an added value and who specialised in this type of position. On the recommendation of another headhunter, I ended up at Arcadius.

“Of none of the CVs I received from Arcadius did I not want to see the person.
Some recruiters shoot at random; others like Arcadius are like snipers and very focused”, explains Stany.

A recruiter who listens, takes time and brings added value

From the very first contact with Arcadius through Teams, there was a click and a good level of trust. Kristel asked the right questions and tried to completely immerse herself in our organisation. Not only the desired profile and tasks, but also the match with the colleagues and the values and mission of Denuo were discussed in detail. Kristel really took the time to listen very carefully to everything I said. I really noticed this in how well informed the candidates were. Although I eventually received a limited number of CVs from Arcadius, every candidate seemed to be a 100% match. From the interviews, I had a very strong feeling about two candidates. Since another team member is retiring soon and the profile is actually very similar to that of an office manager, the idea of recruiting the successor of this person a little earlier came up.

From 2 top candidates for 1 function to 2 recruitments for 2 functions

How, of course, do you make an offer to a candidate for a position for which she has not applied at all? With the help of Arcadius, we mapped out the similarities in task package and profile for both roles. I could also count on the advice of Arcadius for communicating the offer to both candidates. In the end, both candidates accepted the offer and have since started work. They are given the freedom to work closely together and to exchange tasks among themselves. In this way, processes can be changed and improved. I am very happy that it worked out, because so far our idea has been confirmed. If tomorrow someone in my network asks for a recruiter, I will immediately recommend Arcadius!


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