Want to add an assessment to your new PA’s application procedure? Want to gain a better insight into the strengths, development points and career growth opportunities of your management support or administrative employees? Arcadius has developed an assessment that focuses on management support profiles.

Assessment centre for administrative profiles.

An objective competence check.

Arcadius has created an assessment for management support positions, which maps seven competences. An all-round assessment for problem analysis, planning and organisation, sense of initiative, communication, autonomy, flexibility and accuracy, this assessment gives you a clear overview of your administrative employee’s soft skills, competences and potential. It’s a kick-start for the right assistant in the right position. #connectingtalent

Assessment with an extensive feedback.

An objective assessment report.

The Arcadius assessment combines a short introductory interview with an extensive personality questionnaire, simulation exercises, and an in-depth interview. After the assessment, we give the candidate a detailed verbal debriefing. We then discuss the results with you, the employer, in addition to providing a detailed assessment report. An assessment offers candidates added value as they gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and the company added value when hiring or promoting an employee. #passiondriven

Looking for an assessment centre in Brussels?

Feedback from our clients

“We partnered with Arcadius for the recruitment of several support profiles. They always suggest strong candidates, taking into account the technical competences, the soft skills and the cultural fit. Their consultants are extremely skilled when it comes to matching a candidate with a company. They are very efficient about sticking to the planning and very to the point in their communication. We would definitely recommend them!”