A client’s experience

Why Arcadius?

When your business suddenly grows, the demand for administrative reinforcement usually follows quickly. Arcadius will work with you to find a suitable solution to help your company boost in the best possible way. And so it was, the law firm Schoups came to us in full corona pandemic. For their Brussels office, COO Sigrid Allemeersch sought a specialized recruitment office with knowledge of the local market as a guide to the right profile. How she discovered Arcadius and how she found a suitable solution in our “try & hire” formula, she herself explains.

Preparation, market knowledge and active listening

For the selection of an administrative profile, I contacted Arcadius through a recommendation from one of our staff members. From the first conversation with Kristel it felt exactly right. Very thoroughly prepared she did a real in-depth interview in which all aspects of Schoups as a company were discussed. You just feel she knows what she is talking about and that she is listening very well. It gave me a good feeling and a lot of confidence. After our conversation, I did not hesitate for a minute to work with Arcadius.

“The “try & hire” formula was a very suitable solution
in an uncertain transition phase of our Brussels office.
Arcadius was a coach and a mediator who unburdened us completely.”, says Sigrid.

Try & hire: A suitable solution in full transition phase

Although our office has existed for 70 years, our Brussels department grew enormously in a very short period. Still somewhat uncertain about the continuation of this trend after corona and still looking for the exact tasks of the additional administrative force, I decided to opt for the “try & hire” formula. On the one hand, it gave us time to evaluate the situation further and, on the other hand, gave us a real opportunity to get to know a candidate well and to see them grow in an evolving task package. Arcadius was a coaching partner. From the initial profile composition and feedback on tasks and work atmosphere to meticulous follow-up: It was fully part of the service. After a few months our growth was confirmed. Since there was a good click between us and the project consultant, we have, meanwhile, permanently recruited her in our staff.

Surprising, well-thought-out candidates

For Arcadius, candidates are not numbers. The consultants know them through and through. I only received some very much to-the-point CV’s. That saves a lot of work. Each time there was a transparent and clear justification why this person was the right match for our office. I eventually invited 2 candidates for an interview. The choice was particularly difficult because they were really just as worthy. One of the profiles was very strong in terms of content, but had a surprising background in the aviation sector. The inquisitiveness, potential and attitude of this person proved to be decisive factors for the selection. It is the personality that makes the difference. That proves this recruitment with Arcadius again for me because we finally selected the lady from the aviation industry… For my next administrative recruitment in Brussels, I will not hesitate to contact Arcadius.

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