A candidate tells her story

Why Arcadius?

Today, we let one of our candidates have a say. Sandra has visited us three times in the past 10 years. For various reasons, we did not get together at the end of a selection procedure. But third time’s the charm … Sandra and one of our clients recently found the perfect match in each other. Discover her story and experience with us as a recruitment agency.

A phone call at the right moment. It was meant to be.

Do you know that moment when you decide “now I am going to start looking for a new challenge”? Well, I had planned to start on Monday. But the Friday before, out of the blue, I received a phone call from a consultant at Arcadius who had found my profile in their database. She might have an interesting opportunity for me if I was open to it. What a timing… I immediately received an extensive briefing about the position and an anonymised company profile by e-mail. My curiosity was aroused and I had the right feeling. On to the first online interview.

“Applying via Arcadius was a great experience.
It gives you positive energy and a real belief in yourself.
Just the process in itself is an enormous enrichment”, says Sandra.

A super experience! Authentic coaching and permanent support

What struck me immediately during the interview was the extensive attention paid to the human side, to my personality and experiences. The consultant also regularly questioned my feelings about the conversation, the company and the cooperation. The great guidance and really “natural” coaching you get at Arcadius is exceptional and has a very motivating effect. Normally, you receive a message stating the time and place of your interview and perhaps good luck. Well, the day before my interview, the consultant called me to prepare the interview together. I received additional explanations about the ins and outs of the company, the type of interview I could expect and a lot of tips. With a well-filled rucksack, an open mind and beaming with confidence, I appeared for the interview. Throughout the recruitment process, I was in regular contact with the consultant for questions and feedback. That involvement and commitment makes all the difference to a candidate.

Have you checked your mailbox yet?

And then you get a phone call from the consultant in a fun and personal way. In my mailbox was a contract proposal. A new start at a company where I feel good and know that it is mutual. The way Arcadius matches the right person with the right company is truly unique.

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