The story of one of our freelancers

Why Arcadius?

At Arcadius, we find the unique story of each candidate important. That is why we are happy to give the word to one of our freelancers. Sabine D’hollander came to us just over five years ago for a job interview looking for a permanent position. It turned out to become something completely different… She started her own company LevelUp shortly after and has been working for Arcadius Outsourcing for several years now. Discover her story and experiences as a freelance personal/executive assistant.

A recruitment agency unlike any other

I heard about the good reputation of Arcadius as a recruitment agency specialised in assistants through the grapevine. During my first interview, I immediately noticed that the approach was very personal and focused. The consultant really listened with interest to my story and thoroughly explored my wishes, values and goals. She also went into detail about the kind of manager I, as an assistant, felt comfortable with. Of course, like elsewhere, I also had to take language and competency tests. Yet it all felt completely different. I was not a number. My story was heard.

“It is their way of working that really makes a difference. They really listen to your story
and your wishes. It is a very personal and human approach that gives a great sense of trust”,
says Sabine D’hollander of LevelUp.

Me, self-employed? From a far cry to let’s do it!

After a career of more than 20 years as a salaried personal/executive assistant, I suddenly got the opportunity to walk a new path as a self-employed professional. As a freelancer, a whole world opens up to you. You have an enormous range of possibilities, immense freedom, unprecedented flexibility of working environment and corporate culture. As a bonus, you get a wide variety of projects. What started with 1 small job, has grown after 5 years into a big personal success story. Soon after my interviews at Arcadius, one of my best assignments followed. I am very grateful to them for that.

I am very happy doing what I like to do every day

As a personal/executive assistant, I bring my passion for supporting people to life every day. Taking care of others so they can focus 100% on their job, that is my mission. Arcadius matched me with a company that completely fits my values. Even though I am a freelancer, I am an integral part of the team. For more than five years, I have been doing assignments in different departments of the same company. It clicks on both sides.

Is it all roses and moonbeams?

Because of their experience and way of matching, I ended up in a company where I felt good right away. Arcadius has a large network of top clients that you would otherwise have to find on your own and to which it is sometimes more difficult to gain access. Working as a contractor does of course mean that you lose a certain percentage on your hourly/ daily rate. On the other hand, you do have payment security within a correct term. After 5 years, a real bond of trust has grown between Arcadius and myself. I know what I can expect from them and vice versa.

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