Testimonial of a Project Consultant

Why Arcadius?

Some customers want to strengthen their administrative team without having to hire an additional employee. That’s why Arcadius offers outsourcing solutions with project consultants in addition to selection and recruitment. Maud Scaillet for example has been working for just over 2 years as an administrative assistant, translator and compliance officer at the pharmaceutical company Grünenthal on behalf of and with a contract of indefinite duration of Arcadius Outsourcing. We let Maud explain how she came to work for us.

The power of LinkedIn and multilingualism

My LinkedIn profile and #opentowork message attracted Kristel’s attention. She was looking for a multilingual candidate for a specific opportunity as an administrative assistant. Because she thought my profile was a perfect fit, she called me. I was extremely surprised. Since my studies Translator/Interpreter, I had always looked for jobs that were really closely in line with my education. I had never considered that a position as assistant was a possibility. My multilingualism opened this unexpected door. Every day I am glad I walked through it.

“Working in permanent employment through Arcadius Outsourcing gives me certainty.
My current assignment can be reviewed annually. If it would stop for some reason,
I know that Arcadius will find an appropriate solution for me”, says Maud.

Love at first sight

For my first interview with Kristel I was very nervous. As a native French-speaker, I took up the challenge of doing the conversation in Dutch. Kristel really made me feel very comfortable. The interview went very smoothly. After a number of tests (Word, Excel…) I was able to meet quite quickly with the team at Grünenthal for an introduction. It was love at first sight on both sides! From the beginning it was very clear that it concerned an outsourcing contract. To avoid any misunderstanding: I am really part of the team and am very well integrated. My job has evolved considerably in terms of tasks and projects in recent years. I myself consider this growth to be very important.

Fantastic collaboration!

I have regular contact with Arcadius by mail or telephone. The cooperation is really going very well. If there is a concern or question from my side, the team always reacts very quickly. They also often check in just to ask how I am doing. In addition, I usually have a face-to-face meeting with Kristel twice a year. Every year there is also a separate evaluation moment with Arcadius. On top of my written self-assessment and an evaluation by my manager, we have an real evaluation meeting. We had the last one just recently and it was very positive. My mission has therefore been renewed for another year!

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