Brussels-based recruitment agency

Brussels-based recruitment agency

Is your need for administrative support growing in step with your business? Arcadius would like to grow with you, finding the best office professionals for you. As a Brussels-based recruitment agency, we have experience searching for and selecting junior, mid-level and senior assistants for permanent recruitment or temporary outsourcing.

Brussels-based recruitment & selection agency.

Permanent office support.
If you decide to work with Arcadius, you’ll soon discover that we prefer quality over quantity. We’re not just going to quickly forward you a number of CVs from our database. That’s definitely not our style! We start by learning all there is to know about your company and the vacancies that you are trying to fill. We search for the perfect candidates and introduce you to a selection of top-notch talent in your region, who combine professional competences with the required emotional skills. Long-term matchmaking is our mission! #connectingtalent

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Brussels-based recruitment agency for outsourcing.

Temporary management support.
A work peak, a sudden dismissal, a pregnant colleague, protracted illness… the needs on your work floor can fluctuate. You don’t always have to hire a full-time employee on a permanent contract. Arcadius assists you when you need temporary reinforcement for administrative jobs. As a Brussels-based recruitment agency, we distinguish ourselves from temp agencies with our in-depth research and personal assistance. We roll up our sleeves to find you management support, for a few weeks, months or longer. #passiondriven

Who is Arcadius?

Brussels-based recruitment agency Arcadius has been in business for more than 25 years and is a niche player in the recruitment and selection of management support profiles. Experience like that results in both professional and human knowledge. 

Our focus is our strength, our knowledge and experience an asset. There are no blind spots for us in the sector of executive assistants and office support profiles. We are trilingual and speak the lingo. We have a large network and an impressive customer portfolio. We help ambitious companies and candidates in Brussels and the surrounding region thrive and grow thanks to the permanent and temporary management assistant vacancies that we fill. #businessboost

A Brussels-based recruitment agency with experience and expertise? Arcadius, nice to meet you! We are a small team, extremely passionate about what we do, working daily for a select group of companies in Brussels, Walloon Brabant, and Flemish Brabant. 

Ours is a close collaboration, in which empathy, patience and transparency are the key ingredients. There is so much more to our candidates than a digital CV. We take the time for a thorough introduction, listening and looking for soft and hard skills. Each applicant and each company is 100% unique!

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Feedback from our clients

“I’ve been working with Arcadius for more than ten years. They were very successful when it came to selecting several high-profile assistants and support personnel for us. We have developed a strong working relationship and I fully trust the consultant’s judgement. They are very flexible and adapt to their client’s needs. They also apply high ethical standards, both in terms of their project consultants and their clients. I can definitely recommend working with Arcadius.”


“Each recruitment assignment is an adventure, and finding the “perfect” match is always a challenge. Our consultant has used all her talent to assist us on this journey, by actively listening to our needs and expectations, understanding our company culture and suggesting a nice selection of candidates, so that we, the client, can focus on making the right choice.”