What are your working points or weaknesses?

Elected one of the most dreaded job interview questions, the “working points nightmare” has led to more than one anxiety rush and sweat patch. We will show you how it is rather an amazing opportunity to demonstrate your self-knowledge. And that knowledge is a very important quality in any mature working relationship. Are you ready to go from weakness to strength?

4 insider tips on how to tackle the most dreaded job interview question

1. Preparation is key

We have mentioned it in our previous blog: failing to prepare is preparing to fail. The “what is your weakness” question is a given in every job interview. Do not consider the self-reflection exercise we are suggesting as a waste of time. It is quite the opposite. Make yourself a cup of tea and find a quiet place where you can look inside yourself. Take a glance at all aspects of your professional you and write down what you see. The good and the less good.

2. Name your weaknesses

Every human walking this planet (or the moon for that matter) has both strengths and weaknesses. We will let you in on a big secret: recruiters have them too… Respecting your privacy and sharing only what feels comfortable for you, name your working points. There might even be more than one. Good! You are being real! Leonard Cohen wrote “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. He was right. So, look at your cracks, and then focus on the light.

3. Demonstrate your growth path

Your weakness has surfaced at least once, more likely a few times already in your working life. Can you remember the first occasion? And the last? Now, look at how you have evolved in handling it. Both professionally and personally, you learned something every time. On each occasion, you got better at managing your weakness. That is the light or growth path recruiters are looking for.

4. Illustrate with examples

Find the best example of work situations where your working point surfaced. Respecting your privacy (and those of the ones involved), tell your story to the recruiter. Show how you handled the situation and grew from there. Demonstrating this level of self-knowledge is showing huge strength in a job interview. It proves not only your maturity, but also your openness to (future) growth.

Which working point to share? There is no right or wrong answer. It is all about honesty and truth really. Do not to get stuck in stereotypes. We have heard them so many times. Be courageous, be real and be yourself. It is the best!
We hope you have discovered how you can turn a nightmare question into a dream opportunity to shine. Not sure how to start your self-analysis? Discover 5 powerful tools in this blog article.  We wish you every success in your applications and interviews. Feel free to contact us. We will gladly assist you.

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What are your working points or weaknesses?