A client who was once a candidate herself, explains

Why Arcadius?

At the Benelux office of cosmetics company Maria Galland, Office Manager Katia Michiels was looking for a Customer Care Agent. As the person in this position would not only serve the Belgian market, but also the Dutch one, they were looking for someone perfectly bilingual with an almost accentless Dutch. Through her own past, Katia knew Arcadius and that’s how the ball got rolling. We let Katia explain herself how the search for a difficult profile in a challenging market was conducted.

Arcadius and me: almost 30 years ago

In 1994, I started looking for a new challenge for myself. Arcadius had just been founded, yet there was instant chemistry between Kristel and myself.  When you look for a job on your own, you look at a vacancy from a certain perspective or starting from your own experience. Arcadius actually goes beyond the mere job function and focuses on the total package: your personality and the content of the tasks.  I might not directly have looked myself at the jobs they suggested to me.  Yet, not only that first job but also the following ones I found through Arcadius proved to be really good matches. 10 years later, I ended up at Maria Galland via Arcadius. That recruitment went very smoothly and the decision to work together was very quickly made by either sides. I kind of lost my heart to the Maria Galland company. And I still really enjoy working there, by the way.

“Arcadius can pierce a function, so to speak.
They look for a total package
that combines personality and job content,” says Katia.

Finding a difficult profile in a challenging market: patience

As we were looking for a very specific bilingual profile, I contacted Arcadius. During the introductory meeting about the job description and the profile we had in mind, we were already made aware of the challenging market situation. Moreover, the candidate would have to fit into our quite feminine corporate culture, centralized around the Maria Galland’s philosophy and products. After our interview, Arcadius started the recruitment and we waited. Our patience was more than rewarded. We received a number of reports and CVs from candidates that really aroused our curiosity. As always, contacts with Arcadius went very smoothly.

Finding a difficult profile in a challenging market: speed

We invited the top candidates for an interview. Knowing that the market does not allow long recruitment processes with many interviews, we made sure all stakeholders were present. We immediately noticed which candidates were really keen to join us. Arcadius had clearly prepared them well in advance and briefed them on the job and our company. After each interview, we communicated openly to Arcadius on the candidate and they did the same with us.  We had a really good feeling about one particular candidate, so we grabbed the opportunity to offer her a job which she gladly accepted.  Two weeks later she started working with us.

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