A freelancer’s experience

When employers want to strengthen their administrative team for a specific project, Arcadius starts looking for a freelancer with the right skills, fitting into the culture of the team. During one of our searches, we met Sarah Claessens. Sarah already has several years of experience as a Freelance Management Assistant and worked with us for the first time during the covid period. Discover Sarah’s story and her experiences as a freelancer for Arcadius.

#opentowork works

During a relatively quiet period, I indicated on my LinkedIn profile that I was open for new assignments. Kristel was looking for a freelancer for a specific part-time position. She was interested in my profile and contacted me for an introduction. Our first conversation went very smoothly. An online interview during which we discussed the whos, whats, hows and all further details of the project, followed quickly.  Especially the job content aroused my interest. Soon afterwards, our first project together started. Arcadius concluded a contract with the client and regularly checked whether everything was going well. At the end of each month, my timesheet was signed off by the client and I sent my own invoice to Arcadius based on this timesheet. Everything actually went very smoothly. After the end of this project, we kept in touch and a second collaboration soon followed.

“It’s nice that, if you’re stuck with something, you can just give Kristel a call. She is very approachable. I think it’s important to be able to talk openly about certain things. Kristel is always of great help,” says Sarah Claessens from SC Freelance.

A freelance management assistant can do more than you would expect

After several jobs as an employee, I was really bitten by the independence bug. Finding myself at an important crossroads in my personal and professional life, I decided to fully go for it. I started looking for long-term projects with a lot of variety in the range of tasks. Since then, every day has been different because each of my clients is different and because I am drawn to learning new things. Being self-employed gives me an enormous flexibility. Being a Management Assistant offers you not only the typical standard tasks but also challenges that allow you to push your own limits and knowledge level. My clients know that they can ask me anything and that, as far as possible, I will take up those challenges. Looking back, I am sometimes surprised about what I have achieved. As a freelancer, don’t be too quick to say you do not have a certain competence. You have more to offer than you would think or expect. You can always learn or at least try. And if an issue does come up, you can really count on Kristel for help.

Long-term projects with lots of variety and flexibility

Since I mainly focus on long-term projects, I have been working with many of my clients for years now. If one drops out, I am open to new challenging projects.  The job content and variety of tasks are very important to me. My first project through Arcadius involved quite some HR administration. Although this was fairly new to me, I was able to learn very quickly and did a great job. Kristel regularly monitored the evolution of the project. I am currently working via Arcadius as a Management Assistant for a start-up in healthcare. This is a real management assistant position where I can put my acquired HR knowledge to good use. My own company is growing and I recently started to work together with another freelancer to whom I can pass on a number of tasks.  I remain open for future new projects through Arcadius Outsourcing.

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