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5 key steps to gear up for a successful job interview

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Congratulations! You have made it to the next round in the recruitment process. With an invite to a job interview in your hands, the hard work really begins. Instead of a one-way exam session hosted by the recruiter, we see an ideal interview as a two-way conversation. From our side, this moment offers a unique opportunity to find out more about the person behind the CV. For you, this is where you can learn more about the job and the company you are applying for. Seize this opportunity with both hands and come prepared. Are you ready to rock your job interview? 

5 key steps to prepare a successful job interview

1. Stay on top of practicalities

Plan your journey to the interview location and allow some extra time to decompress from the travel. Take a brief walk, breathe, listen to that one song… A successful job interview starts with the right mindset. Know who you are meeting and have their phone number at hand if something does go wrong during your journey. Before you head out, refresh yourself and dress to impress. Without any doubt, go for formal wear. Better overdressed than underdressed. Add a special touch that reflects who you are. First impressions are mainly visual. It also shows your respect for the recruiter and the company you are applying to. Bring an organized folder, bag or purse with your printed CV, your list of questions, the printed job description, a reference sheet and pen & paper so you can take notes. When you arrive at the reception desk, be polite and considerate. Your interview might have begun before you even realized it.

2. Review the job description

Walking into a job interview knowing what job you are applying for is a vital thing. It shows your interest in and enthusiasm for the job. Unlike the hours spent on CV and motivation letter to impress a recruiter, candidates often forget preparing for the interview is the real hard work. You can only image our frustration and disappointment. Preparation starts at the beginning: what attracted you in this job, why do you want it, why should we recruit you, what is your added value. Print out the job specification and imagine you are in our seat. Write down what you imagine yourself answering to our questions on your job history, skills and values. Be concise and confident. Think of examples from prior jobs to illustrate your knowledge, achievements and goals. 

3. Research the company

What does the company do? What are their products, services and projects? What is their mission and vision? Consult the company website, have a glance at social media, review news sources. Even an anonymous job advert always reveals some details such as the sector, company size, location you can work with. Know the headlines and research the topics important to you and your application. Consider why you are interested in working for them. Look into their values, social responsibility projects… Take a closer look in your wide network, you might find a contact who works or worked there and get first-hand information. We don’t just match candidates to any company. We look for the right cultural fit.

4. List your questions

Make a list of every question that came up while reviewing the job description or researching the company. What other things do you want to know about your new manager, colleagues, the work atmosphere, location of the offices? What is important to you should make this list. A job interview is a two-way communication. Don’t wait to be asked if you have any questions at the end of the interview. Show your “hunger” to know more than the obvious during our talk.

5. Practice makes perfect

It might seem lame. It might seem annoying. Please put aside fear and pride for this exercise. Ask a mentor, friend or relative to do a mock interview with you. Organize your thoughts so your words come out right. Work on your non-verbal communication. During an interview difficult questions such as what is your most important working point? come up. Be prepared. Practice in a relaxed environment. It will reduce your stress level and allow you to give well-considered and clear answers when face-to-face with a recruiter.
The most important thing in an interview is to be yourself and be honest. Smile and shine. You are looking for the #perfectmatch and so are we. An interview is the ideal moment for both of us to see if there is Click. Match. Chemistry. on all aspects. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. We hope our key steps will help you in your preparations and give you more confidence.

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