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4 essential tips to make the perfect first impression with your CV photo

Although not obligatory, it is very common in Belgium to have a photo on your CV. This professional, passport-sized photo gives an extra personal touch to your CV. By putting yourself in the picture, you create a first visual impression for a recruiter or the company you are applying to. How do you make the perfect first impression?

You can shine on your CV with these 4 essential tips

1. Avoid selfies at all costs

Selfies almost always distort your face and body. So don't create a caricature of yourself! Just call in a friend or family member who knows how to handle a camera or hire a professional photographer. Don't forget that you are creating your business card. You can use your photo as your professional online brand, for example on LinkedIn or Twitter.

2. Create connection through your gaze

Put on your warm, friendly and spontaneous smile and look confidently into the lens as if you were really looking at someone. Not your comfort zone? Find a mirror and try out which look is most natural for you. Like a passport photo, only your head, neck and possibly the top of your shoulders are in frame. 

3. Reflect professionalism

The focus is on your CV. So this photo is not the time for fashion statements, make-up experiments, crazy faces or extravagant hairstyles. Just wear what you would wear to work or to a job interview. Dark, solid colours give the best results. 

4. Keep it neutral

This is your photo and only your photo. Do not put any distractions in the picture (no objects, animals, children...). It is also best to keep the background light and plain. Choose soft, natural lighting. Keep the full focus on yourself and your appearance. 

How to choose the best photo of a photo shoot? Ask sincere feedback from different people and try to put yourself in the shoes of your potential employer who has never met you. Decide which photo best represents you and your values. Are you ready? Then don't forget to set this photo as your profile picture on all your professional social media. This way you create your own professional brand. 

We wish you good luck with your applications. For more tips on how to create the perfect CV, please visit our blog. You can also find us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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