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What to do on your first day at work?

Whether you have years of experience or are just starting your career, your first day at work is always a very exciting event. New colleagues, new surroundings, new tasks, new boss... You want to make a good impression from day one and be on top of things. To get you started, we give you 4 powerful and concrete tips to make a successful start! 

4 indispensable tips for a successful start in your new job

1. Do the small things well

Start small and win half! Arrive at the office a quarter of an hour early. Smile! Wear appropriate, tidy and ironed clothes and take care of your appearance. Silence the notifications on your private phone. Greet everyone you meet and briefly introduce yourself. Of course, you can't remember every name, but show that you're making an effort. Not everything will be perfect from day one. Above all, be patient with yourself during this adjustment period. After all, you are selected from a lot of candidates! Your new employer is giving you this opportunity because they believe in your success. If you do the little things right, they will surely pick up on that. 

2. Be curious and listen carefully

No one expects you to know all the procedures, programmes and customs of the company. If you don't understand something or are unsure about something, don't be embarrassed. Don't be shy and ask all your questions. It also shows that you are interested and that you want to get to know the company as soon as possible. Make a note of everything so that you can look back at it later. In this period it is listening, listening, listening and asking, asking, asking. If fear does overcome you, take a deep breath and try to relax. Remember that they have chosen you for this job for a reason. Regularly show your manager your gratitude for the opportunity. 

3. Take the time to discover

You are the new one and that is ok! In this induction period you can take the time to get to know not only your colleagues but also your workplace and its habits. Try to map out what your colleagues do, starting with the people you will work most closely with. Show genuine interest and accept every lunch invitation! This way you can get to know each other in a more informal atmosphere and also discover the unwritten rules. If there is an after-work activity, no matter how small, be sure to join in. Be open and as neutral as possible. That way you can quickly integrate into your new team. 

4. Build your brand

Prepare an elevator pitch that you can use to introduce yourself to your new colleagues: who are you, what is your role and your superpower. Above all, be authentic, smile and relax! Also give your colleagues time to get to know you. Answer their questions honestly but neutrally. Learn the ropes before expressing strong opinions. Make your workplace your own, both online and offline. Set your email signature and voicemail. Personalise your desk like those around you, with a photo of a loved one and your favourite office supplies, for example.
Starting in a new job is very stressful. It is absolutely ok in the training period not to have an answer right away or just not to know. Rome wasn't built in a day either. Your recruitment gave you the confidence of your new employer. So now trust your knowledge, skills and experience to make a good and successful start.

We hope these tips will help you to achieve this. We keep our fingers crossed and support you! 


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