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How to choose the best job for you?

Well done! How fantastic that one or more employers have chosen you as the ideal candidate from their selection process. Now it is up to you, because it takes two to tango... Was it love at first sight and are you ready to put your signature under the employment contract? Good for you! Do you still have a feeling of doubt or are you overwhelmed by the stress of making a choice? Then perhaps these 5 questions will help you make the best choice for yourself! 

5 criteria to evaluate a job proposal

1. Is there a match between what you find important and what the job offers?

Do you remember why you started your search in the first place? If you find the answer in the new job, you are well on your way. Were you looking for a job where your talents are better utilised and developed, where you have more benefits or where you can work closer to home? This is different for every job seeker and is very personal. The important thing is that you can find your top priorities in the new job. The job that gives you the best fit for your needs is the one that ultimately gives you the edge.

2. Does the job content fuel your passion and talents?

You applied for this job based on a job description. Take it back and read it again thoroughly. Does it make you feel happy and enthusiastic? Do you feel like giving it a go straight away? If you don't like what you will be doing, it doesn't really matter how much salary is on the table. You will experience little or no pleasure in your work and that is, certainly in the long run, a difficult thing.

3. Are you satisfied with what the job brings you?

Besides a salary package, a job also means getting satisfaction from what you do and growing as a person and a professional. Hopefully, you have received a balanced proposal that you can completely identify with. In our blog about the salary jungle you will find guidelines to map and benchmark a salary package. Think about the complete salary package: the net salary and the benefits. Sometimes there are also small happiness bonuses among them. Another aspect of happiness @work and a true energy booster is the satisfaction you will soon get from your work. How will you make the difference? Also take a close look at the career paths, development and training opportunities offered by an employer. In the longer term, this can provide a real stepping stone for your future career. Does the proposal as a whole offer a balance that works for you?

4. Did you connect with your new manager and colleagues?

Usually you got to know your immediate superior during the job interviews. How did this meeting go? Is this the manager who can take you to the next level and help you develop your talents? Does his personality and management style suit you? You may also have met some of your colleagues. Did you find them genuinely nice people and are you eager to see them again? How was the atmosphere in the team? If you have several jobs to choose from, you now also have the opportunity to choose your future colleagues. As you spend a lot of time at work, this aspect is really important. 

5. Will you be able to be yourself and feel good at this workplace?

From your arrival at the company premises and the receptionist's welcome to the waiting area and the meeting room where your job interview took place: how did you feel? Did you go in and out with a smile and couldn't you wait to come back for another interview? Did you see your new workplace or can you picture it? Do you see yourself sitting there and giving the best of yourself? Do the company's values match your personal core values? Do you want to fully embrace their mission and vision? Did you know that instead of salary, company culture is really one of the most important factors for job satisfaction? If you can really be yourself and feel good, everything goes so much smoother.

It takes two to tango. They choose you, do you also choose them? In this decision, you absolutely come first. You are the one who will spend most of your time at this new workplace, you are in traffic every day (or not), you eat your sandwiches alone in the cafeteria or enjoy a nice salad with your colleagues at a cosy plaza a bit further down the road. It's about you, your career, your well-being and happiness... Probably you will receive a lot of well-meant advice and opinions. Above all, stay very close to yourself. A portion of reason and a huge amount of intuition or gut feeling will without a doubt bring you to the ideal next step. 

Of course, we wish you every success in your new job! If you do not know where to start, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will gladly help you! 
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