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How to make sure recruiters can find your LinkedIn profile?

Whether you are a first-time user or an all-star engaged active LinkedIn user, making your profile findable for recruiters and attracting their attention takes some effort and time. In addition to viewing your profile when applying, recruiters like us also actively search LinkedIn for matching profiles. Naturally, we want to know as soon as possible whether your profile meets the job requirements and whether you are open to a new challenge. How can you make sure we find you and how do you convince us to contact you for an interview?

5 insider tips to make your profile searchable and convincing

1. Complete your professional business card 

Whatever you do on LinkedIn, your name, picture and headline always travel with you. It is the first thing a recruiter sees and your perfect opportunity to make a great first impression. Use your real name (with titles if applicable) without extra additions. Make yourself recognisable with a professional photo that clearly shows your face. In this blog article you can find our indispensable tips for the best photo. Continue the professional approach with your cover photo. In your headline we like to see who you are, what you do and what you stand for. You can make the most of this maximum 120 characters by choosing your words based on search terms. Try to really highlight what makes you unique. Don't forget that this information is literally displayed in Google search results. 

2. Optimise your contact information

Make it easy for recruiters to find and contact you. Open all communication channels (telephone, e-mail, messenger,...) but make sure they are correct and professional (no In the settings, you can indicate perfectly which information and content you want to share with your audience. Check this carefully and adapt it to your needs. Your LinkedIn profile is automatically assigned a URL. You can change this meaningless series of numbers and letters to your own name. Not only does this make it easier for you to be found on Google, but it also allows you to add a nice URL to your email signature and CV.

3. Weave your profile with the right keywords

Your summary is the digital version of the elevator pitch. This honest and personal text, best written in the "I" form, concisely bridges the gap between your past and your desired future. What do you stand for, what are your competences, what motivates you and above all what are you looking for and what is your ambition. End with a call-to-action such as an open invitation to connect or make contact. Recruiters search in keywords, so look in job descriptions for the terms that best fit your dream job. Also in the job title, work experience and skills it is best to use official terms. Give as complete a picture as possible (that perfectly corresponds to your CV) of all relevant jobs and activities. Try to highlight your specific added value in a short list of responsibilities and tasks. Always be concise and work in bullets so the recruiter can quickly see the essence.

4. Activate your profile 

Your LinkedIn profile is not just a virtual place to put your CV. It gives you the opportunity to build a network and to actively participate in conversations. A network of 50 connections is an absolute minimum. Import your contacts, find friends/acquaintances/(former) colleagues/... in the network and connect with them. This can be done automatically and in bulk or individually with a nice personal message. Join groups that match your interests and ambitions, follow people you admire and companies that fascinate you. Respond to posts and share what you find interesting. Also write a recommendation for someone spontaneously. Not only will you then appear in that person's profile, you will usually receive one in return. This way your LinkedIn footprint grows and you give the recruiter a chance to get a real picture of you.

5. Use the #opentowork feature 

Finally, and very importantly, activate the #opentowork feature from your profile. This will let recruiters and your network know that you are open to new job opportunities. You can indicate which job titles you are interested in, your preferred location and some additional details. It is advisable to be as specific as possible so recruiters can contact you with job offers that really match what you are looking for. You can release this information only to recruiters or also to all LinkedIn members. If you choose the latter, the #opentowork photo frame will also appear around your profile picture. 

If you are looking for a new job, LinkedIn as a platform has an enormous added value. It certainly pays to invest time and effort in your profile. Also in the future it will give you a good basis to expand your network throughout your career. A complete and up-to-date profile makes you findable and convincing for recruiters and your (future) connections.

Hopefully our tips have shed some light on how you can make your profile easier to find for recruiters and how you can convince us to invite you for an interview. Good luck in your search for your dream job!

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