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How can you successfully build your career?

Successfully building one’s career is not just a question of degrees or skills but above all of motivation. Motivation and drive to take control of your own future. If you work for a good company, your employer will undoubtedly create a working environment where you can thrive and be successful. They may even deliberately bring opportunities on your path. It is, of course, always your responsibility to grab them and act. However, do not make the mistake of leaving your career entirely to your employer. Be in the driver’s seat yourself! When you're ready to take the next step, following tips can help you. 

5 essential steps to build your career yourself

1. Know yourself and your superpower

Who are you? What do you want? Why are you getting up in the morning? What is your top talent? Where do you want to go? Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom. It sounds very cliché but finding what you like to do is really the starting point. In our previous blog we offer concrete tools for your own self-analysis. Just do it! Because: A career without passion and enthusiasm will not bring you luck or success in the long run. Then, create a roadmap of how you could achieve your ideal career goal. 

2. Develop yourself

Now that you have a map of your knowledge, skills, and talents, you also know where the gaps are. It's up to you to bridge them. Read articles and blogs. Ask questions. Follow courses to further develop, deepen and expand your hard and soft skills. Always keep learning, always keep reading. 

3. Take care of your personal brand

What are you known for in your professional environment? Why do colleagues approach you? What is your reputation? Ideally, your online and offline brand emanate your unique self. Always be authentic within professional boundaries. Being yourself is the best way to long-term success. Update your social media and make sure your superpower and talents are in the spotlight. Search within your company for projects where you can boost your talent, volunteer in a suitable workgroup, or organize an event around a subject you are passionate about. Make your career aspirations clear to your supervisor so that they can respond appropriately to them. 

4. Expand your network

Make networking an integral part of your everyday tasks. Customers, suppliers, co-workers, family, and friends: they are all potentially valuable contacts that broaden your network. Focus on quality instead of quantity. Think not only in the short but also in the long term. Other people often grow in their job or change function and/or employer. Keep personal contact via LinkedIn for example and activate your connections at the right time.

5. Find a mentor

Find in your environment someone you trust and know through and through. This person can be a sparring partner for you who will help you with your professional issues and growth. A mentor asks critical questions or challenge you to bring out your best self. A guide as such who accompanies you in (part of) your professional life.

These steps will allow you to really get started on building your dream career. Take control and steer your future in the direction you want. Did you have a thorough conversation with your supervisor, and you feel you cannot develop your authentic self with your superpower at your current employer, ask yourself if a change of work environment can be a solution to achieve your desired next career step.

We hope our tips have shown you which steps you can take to build your dream career. We wish you every success!


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