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A counteroffer from my employer! What to do now?

You have taken the courageous decision to change your work situation. When you are offered a contract for your dream job with your ideal employer, you hand in your resignation. As if it were nothing, you receive a fantastic counteroffer. You are faced with a difficult choice: the adventure you dreamed of or the temptation to stay. We would like to provide you some thoughts to help you make the right choice for you in the long run.

4 important considerations before accepting a counteroffer from your current employer 

1. Your initial motivation to change job

When you decide to look for a new job, it is usually a deliberate and conscious choice for change. Whether you want a more challenging job content, an improved work-life balance, better learning opportunities or are simply ready for the next step in your career: your priorities and motives are no longer in line with what your employer can offer. Normally, you have already (partly) communicated the changes you would like to see. Unfortunately, no adequate solution or adjustment has been offered at that time. So why now suddenly everything is possible? It is so important to stay very close to yourself, your wishes, and your priorities. A short-term motivator such as higher pay is only a temporary sop.

2. Your ego and comfort zone

Getting a counteroffer in any form seems very flattering and strokes the ego. The employer wants to do something extra to keep you. Leaving your comfort zone for the unknown can be very frightening. Knowing what you have is also knowing what you do not have. And the latter is precisely why you were looking for another job in the first place. Even though you are making a leap into the unknown, your new challenge fulfils all your wishes and needs in the short and long term. A better future for yourself, the right choice for you and for professional growth. Don’t forget that after an introductory period, this new workplace becomes your new comfort zone. 

3. Your employer’s real motivation

However flattering a counteroffer may be, the employer's motives are often on a completely different level. He is fully aware of your value as well as the investment that your replacement entails. Not only the cost of recruitment in time and money, but also the investment in training and the temporary drop in productivity count here. Crudely put, it is simply cheaper and more convenient for a company if you stay.

4. Your long-term relationship with your employer

Alarmed by your impending departure, the employer often makes you an offer with great short-term impact: increased pay, a nicer job title, more responsibility or adjustment of your working environment. Think carefully about the long-term consequences. The relationship of trust with your employer is damaged. Your loyalty and commitment will be questioned more easily. When faced with the choice, the employer will often opt for others when it comes to future promotions, salary increases, and you will often be first on the redundancy list.

We regularly see candidates who accept a counteroffer from their employer leave the company a short time later. The promises made are not kept, the initial reasons for changing come back to the surface. So, think carefully about why you started your search for something new and most importantly what is best for you in the long run. It takes a lot of courage to change and jump towards a new future. 

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