Arcadius has set up a tailor-made assessment center for management support profiles which measures seven generic job competencies:

  1. problem analysis
  2. planning & organising
  3. taking initiative
  4. communication
  5. autonomy
  6. flexibility
  7. accuracy

Each assessment consists of:

  • a brief introduction
  • a personality questionnaire
  • one or more simulation exercises tailored to management support functions
  • a development-oriented interview and debriefing after each section by the assessment centre

This type of aptitude testing can be organised as an additional module to a recruitment assignment that you have entrusted Arcadius to carry out, or else as a separate module in the context of internal recruitment.

The detailed and objective assessment report gives you an insight into the strengths, core skills and development scope of your management support or administrative staff. Candidates can also rely on detailed feedback during the interview.

For the assessment, Arcadius has joined forces with an external consultant (M.A. in Psychology) who specialises in assessing and developing employees (assessment & development centres).

Get the best out of your management support staff
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