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20 years of personal service

2014 was a special year for Arcadius, as we celebrated our 20th anniversary!

Multilingual management support and administrative professionals has been our focus right from the start. And very little has changed! Over these 20 years, we have met many fascinating people, each with their own story and background, and we have assisted many of them in their search for a new challenge. We would like to continue doing this for many years to come, with the dedication and professionalism that you have come to expect from us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our candidates, clients and partners for the continued confidence in our team and the belief in the values we stand for:

Transparent communication: we give feedback throughout the process. From the moment your CV lands in our inbox, you are entitled to a response. And if you are being interviewed by one of our clients, we will constantly keep you up-to-date and expect candid feedback from you. We communicate in this transparent manner with our customers too.

Partnership: we believe that the search for a new job should be done with the necessary earnestness and consideration. That is why we see our role as that of a partner. We do not 'sell' jobs, any more than we 'sell' candidates to our clients. We assist both parties in finding the right match in the long term, as we are not looking for quick wins.

Listening with an open mind: we take the time to get to know you as an equal partner and to listen to what is important for you, what drives you and where your priorities lie. For us, everything hinges on active listening to, and alertness for, our candidates and our clients. This may take more time, but results in a better match between the job/company and the candidate and in a higher success rate in the long term.

Commitment: we are personally involved! As a small office, the relationship with our clients and candidates is close and the lines of communication short. As a specialist recruitment partner, we know what we are talking about. We strongly identify with your profession and do not believe in half measures.

It takes more than a good manager to have good management
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